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The biggy of the late 1800's. Clearly shows the massive inroads in medical science and the treatment of disease.

ALCOHOL AND THE HUMAN BODY In fact alcohol was known to be a poison, and considered quite dangerous. Something modern medicine now agrees with. This was known circa 1907. A very impressive scientific book on the subject.

DISEASES OF THE SKIN is a massive book on skin diseases from 1914. Don't be feint hearted though, it's loaded with photos that I found disturbing.




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Nervous and Mental
Diseases, Childre
ne, Nursing, and
Medical Jurispru




Dercum’s Mental Diseases

Clinical Manual of Mental Diseases. By Francis X. Dercum,
Ph. D., M. D., Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases at Jefferson
Medical College, Philadelphia. Octavo of 425 pages. Cloth, $3.00 net.


This is a book really useful to the family physiciana book that tells you
how to diagnose, how to treateither at home or in an institutionall
classes of mental diseases. First, Dr. Dercum takes up the various primary
forms of mental disease, giving emphasis to those you meet in your daily practice
as general practitioner—delirium, confusion, stupor. Then melancholia, mania,
the insanities of early life, paranoia, the neurasthenic-neuropathic disorders, and
the dementias follow. The mental disturbances of the infections (syphilis, tubercu­
losis, malaria, pellagra, rheumatic fever, etc), the various forms of intoxicational
insanities, those due to metabolic disorders, visceral disease, diseases of the
nervous system are all given you—and from your viewpoint. An important sec­
tion is that devoted to the insanities of pregnancy. An entire part is devoted to
the psychologic interpretations of symptoms as evolved by Freud and his disciples.
You get a full discussion of the role of dreams.

The Medical World

" This book gives just the information necessary, and gives it in a style studiously adapted
to the needs of the general physician.”



Church and Peterson’s
Nervous and Mental Diseases

Nervous and Mental Diseases. By Archibald Church, M. D.,
Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases and Medical Jurisprudence,
hwestern University Medical School, Chicago; and Frederick
Peterson, M. D., formerly Professor of Psychiatry at the College of
Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y. Handsome octavo, 944 pages; 350
illustrations. Cloth, $5.00 net; Half Morocco, $6.50 net.


For this new (8th) edition this standard work has undergone a thorough re­
vision. Vertigo and its labyrinthine relations, as developed by Bárány, has
received careful consideration; much new matter has been added to the section
on Infantile Paralysis; syphilis of the nervous system has been brought into accord
with recent epoch-making discoveries. Throughout, references to the new inves­
tigations of the spinal fluid, and the relation of spinal fluid changes to the various
organic diseases of the brain and cord have been introduced. The bearing of
internal secretion upon nervous disorders has been brought right down to date.
Tetany has been given its place among nervous diseases associated with glandular
disorder. Altogether over 300 interpolations and alterations have been made.
It is more than ever the standard,

American Journal of the Medical Sciences

“ This edition has been revised, new illustrations added, and some new matter, and really
two books. . . . The descriptions of disease are clear, directions as to treatment definite,
and disputed matters and theories are omitted. Altogether it is a most useful text­book.”

Kaplan’s Serology of Nervous and
Mental Diseases

Serology of Nervous and Mental Diseases. By D. M. Kaplan,

M. D., Director of Clinical and Research Laboratories, Neurological

Institute, New York City. Octavo of 346 pages, illustrated. Cloth,

$3.50 net.


This is an entirely new work, giving you the indications, contra­indications,
preparation of patients, technic, after-phenomena, after-care, and disposal of the
fluids obtained by lumbar puncture. You get a full discussion of the serology of
all nervous and mental diseases of non-luetic etiology (including disorders of
internal secretion), and of every type of luetic nervous and mental disease, giv­
ing the Wassermann reaction in detail, the use of salvarsan and neosalvarsan, etc.

MENTAL DISEASES AND HYGIENE.                         3

Brills Psychanalysis


Psychanalysis: Its Theories and Practical Application. By A. A.
Brill, Ph. B., M. D., Clinical Assistant in Neurology at Columbia
University Medical School. Octavo of 392 pages. Cloth, $3.00 net.


To the general practitioner, who first sees these “borderline” cases (the
roses and the psychoses), as well as to those specially interested in neurologic
work, Dr. Brll's work will prove most valuable. Dr. Brill has had wide clinical
experience, both in America and in Europe. The results of this experience you
get in this book. Here you get the practical application of all Freud’s theories
and fr
om the pen of a man thoroughly competent to write.

Unlike other forms of psychotherapy, psychanalysis deals with the neuroses
as entities. It does not treat them as symptoms, as do hypnotism, suggestion,
and persuasion. Such treatment is similar to treating the cough or fever regard­
less of the causal disease. Psychanalysis concerns itself with the individual as a
personality. It gives you a real insight into the neuroses and the psychoses.

Journal American Medical Association

“ A splendid summary of Freud’s writings. We believe this book to be the best one-
volume exposition of the Freudian doctrine that has been written for the non-specialist.”

Hunt’s Diagnostic Symptoms of Nervous Diseases

Diagnostic Symptoms of Nervous Diseases. By Edward L.
Hunt, M. D., formerly Instructor in Neurology and Assistant Chief of
Clinic, College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. 12mo of 229
pages, illustrated. Cloth, $1.50 net.

Stiles on the Nervous System                   just out

The Nervous System and its Conservation. By Percy G. Stiles,
Instructor in Physiology at Harvard University. 12mo of 230 pages,
illustrated. Cloth, $1.25 net.

4                                      SAUNDERS` BOOKS ON

American Illustrated Dictionary

New (7th) Edition—5000 Sold in Two Months

The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. A new and com­
plete dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry,
Pharmacy, Chemistry, Veterinary Science, Nursing, and kindred
branches; with over 100 new and elaborate tables and many hand­
some illustrations. By W. A. Newman Dorland, M. D. Large
octavo, 1107 pages, bound in full flexible leather, $4.50 net; with thumb
index, $5.00 net.

The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary defines hundreds of terms not
defined in any other dictionary—bar none. It gives the capitalization and pro­
nunciation of all words. It makes a feature of the derivation or etymology of the
words. Every word has a separate paragraph, thus making it easy to find a
word quickly. The tables of arteries, muscles, nerves, veins, etc, are of the
greatest help in assembling anatomic facts. Every word is given its definition—a
definition that defines in the fewest possible words.

Howard A. Kelly, M. D., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

The American Illustrated Dictionary is admirable. It is so well gotten up and of such
convenient size. No errors have been found in my use of it.”

Goodnow’s First-Year Nursing

First­ Year Nursing. By Minnie Goodnow, R. N., formerly Superintendent of the
Women’s Hospital, Denver. 12mo of 328 pages, illustrated.
               Cloth, $1.50 net.

Miss Goodnow’s work deals entirely with the practical side of first-year nursing work. It
is the application of text­book knowledge. It tells the nurse how to do those things she is
called upon to do in her first year in the training school—the actual ward work.

Roberts' Bacteriology and Pathology for Nurses

Bacteriology and Pathology for Nurses. By Jay G. Roberts, Ph. G., M. D.,

Oskaloosa, Iowa. 12mo of 2ò6 pages, illustrated.                                 Cloth, $1.25 net

This new work is practical in the strictest sense. Written specially for nurses, it confines
itself to information that the nurse should know. All unessential matter is excluded. The
style is concise and to the point, yet clear and plain. The text is illustrated throughout.



Kerr's Diagnostics qf
Diseases of Children

Diagnostics of the Diseases of Children. By LeGrand Kerr,
M. D., Professor of Diseases of Children, Brooklyn Postgraduate Med­
ical School, Brooklyn. Octavo of 542 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth,
$5.00 net; Half Morocco, $6.50 net.


Dr. Kerr’s work differs from all others on the diagnosis of diseases of children
in that the objective symptoms are particularly emphasized. The constant aim
throughout has been to render a correct diagnosis as early in the course of the
disease as possible, and for this reason differential diagnosis is presented from
the very earliest symptoms. The many original illustrations will be found

New York State Journal of Medicine

The illustrations are excellent and numerous. It will meet the needs of the great mass
physicians who treat the diseases of infancy and childhood.”

Kerley’s Pediatrics

Practice of Pediatrics. By Charles Gilmore Kerley, M. D.,
Professor of Diseases of Children, New York Polyclinic Medical School
and Hospital. Octavo of 878 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $6.00 net;
Half Morocco, $7.50 net,


This work is not a cut-and-dried treatisebut the practice of pediatrics, giving
fullest attention to diagnosis and treatment. The chapters on the newborn and its
diseases, the feeding and growth of the baby, the care of the mother’s breasts,
artificial feeding, milk modification and sterilization, diet for older childrenfrom
monograph of 125 pages. Then are discussed in detail every disease of child­
hood, telling just what measures should be instituted, what drugs given, 60 valu­
able prescriptions
being included. The chapter on vaccine therapy is right down to
the minute, including every new method of proved valuewith the exact technic.
There is an excellent chapter on Gymnastic Therapeutics. Another feature con­
ists of the 165 illustrative casescase teaching of the most practical sort.

Dr. A. D. Blackader, McGill University, Montreal

Dr. Kerley is a pediatrician of large experience who thinks for himself and is never con­
nt to accept, without testing, the experiences or statements of previous writers. His book has
a ver
y definite value.”



Sanders’ Nursing’

Modern Methods in Nursing. By Georgiana J. Sanders, formerly
Superintendent of Nurses at the Massachusetts General Hospital. 12mo
of 881 pages, with 227 illustrations. Cloth, $2.50 net.

THE BEST YET               

Miss Sanders’ book gives only modern methods. Then it gives the details of
nursing operation cases, both in the hospital and in the home. The thorough way
in which ward work is taken up makes her book indispensable for teaching pur­
poses. In giving directions for mustard baths, poultices, etc, the quantities are
given exactly. This is an important point often overlooked.

Stoney’s Nursing

Practical Points in Nursing. By Emily A. M. Stonev. 12mo of
495 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $ 1.75 net.


In this volume the author explains the entire range of private nursing as dis­
tinguished from hospital nursing, and the nurse is instructed how best to meet the
various emergencies of medical and surgical cases when distant from medical or
surgical aid or when thrown on her own resources. An especially valuable feature
will be found in the directions how to improvise everything ordinarily needed in the

Stoney’s Technic for Nurses

Bacteriology and Surgical Technic for Nurses. By Emily A. M.
Stoney, formerly Superintendent at Carney Hospital, South Boston.
Revised by Frederic R. Griffith, M. D., Surgeon, of New York.
12mo, 311 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $1.50 net.

Trained Nurse and Hospital Review

“ These subjects are treated most accurately and up to date, without the superfluous reading
which is so often employed. . . . Nurses will find this book of the greatest value both during
their hospital course and in private practice.”



Nursing in Diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat

Nursing in Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat. By the

Committee on Nurses of the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital:
. Edward Giles, M. D., Surgeon in the Eye Department; Arthur B.
Duel, M. D. (Chairman), Surgeon in the Ear Department; Harmon
Smith, M. D., Surgeon in the Throat Department. Assisted by John
R. Shannon, M. D., Assistant Surgeon in the Eye Department; and
hn R. Page, M. D., Assistant Surgeon in the Ear Department. With
chapters by Herbert B. Wilcox, M. D., Attending Physician to the
Hospital; and Miss Eugenia D. Ayers, Superintendent of Nurses.
o of 260 pages, illustrated.
                                      Cloth, $l.50 net.


This is a practical book, prepared by surgeons who, from their experience in
the operating amphitheater and at the bedside, have realized the shortcomings of
present nursing books in regard to eye, ear, nose, and throat nursing. The scope
of the work has been limited to what an intelligent nurse should know, and the
style throughout is simple, plain, and definite.

New York Medical Journal

“ Every side of the question has been fully taken into consideration.”

Materia Medica for Nurses

Practical Materia Medica for Nurses, with an Appendix containing
isons and their Antidotes, with Poison-Emergencies ; Mineral Waters ;
Weights and Measures; Dose-List, and a Glossary of the Terms used
n Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By Emily A. M. Stoney, for
merly of the Carney Hospital, South Boston. 12mo of 300 pages,
Cloth, $1.50 net.


In making the revision for this new third edition, all the newer drugs have
been introduced and fully discussed. The consideration of the drugs includes
their sources and composition, their various preparations, physiologic actions
directions for administering, and the symptoms and treatment of poisoning.

Journal of the American Medical Association

“ So far as we can see, it contains everything that a nurse ought to know in regard to drugs.
As a r
eference-book for nurses it will without question be very useful.”

8                                       SAUNDERS` BOOKS ON

Hoxie and Laptad’s Medicine for Nurses

New (2d) Edition

Medicine for Nurses and Housemothers. By George Howard Hoxie,
M. D., Physician to the German Hospital, Kansas City, Mo.; and Pearl L.
Laptad, formerly Principal of the Training School for Nurses, University of
Kansas. 12mo of 351 pages, illustrated.
                              Cloth, $1.50 net.

This work is truly a practice of medicine for the nurse, enabling her to recognize any
signs and changes that may occur between visits of the physician, and, if necessary, to
combat them until the physician’s arrival. This information the author presents in a way
most acceptable, particularly emphasizing the nurse’s part.

Trained Nurse and Hospital Review

“ This book has our unqualified approval.”

McCombs’ Diseases of Children for Nurses New(2d)Edition

Diseases of Children for Nurses. By Robert S. McCombs, M. D.,
Instructor of Nurses at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 12mo of
470 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $2.00 net.

Dr. McCombs’ experience in lecturing to nurses has enabled him to emphasize just those
points that nurses most need to know.
The nursing side has been written by head nurses,
especially praiseworthy being the work of Miss Jennie Manly.

National Hospital Record

“ We have needed a good work on children’s diseases adapted for nurses’ use, and this
volume admirably fills the want.”

Wilson’s Obstetric Nursing                    The New (2d) Edition

A Reference Hand-Book of Obstetric Nursing. By W. Reynolds
Wilson, M. D., Visiting Physician to the Philadelphia Lying-in Charity.
32mo of 256 pages, illustrated. Flexible leather, $1.25 net.

Dr. Wilson‘s work discusses the subject of obstetrics entirely from the nurse’s point of
view, presenting in detail everything connected with pregnancy and labor and their man­
agement. The text is copiously illustrated.

American Journal of Obstetrics

“ Every page emphasizes the nurse’s relation to the case.”

Frühwald and Westcott on Children

Diseases of Children. A Practical Reference Book for Students and
Practitioners. By Professor Dr. Ferdinand Frühwald, of Vienna.
Edited, with additions, by Thompson S. Westcott, M. D., University of
Pennsylvania. Octavo, 533 pages, 176. illustrations. Cloth, $4.50 net.

Boyd’s State Registration for Nurses

State Registration for Nurses. By Louie Croft Boyd, R. N., Graduate
Colorado Training-school for Nurses. Octavo of 42 pages.
         50 cents net



Aikens’ Primary Studies for Nurses            New (2nd) Edition

Primary Studies for Nurses : A Text-Book for First-year Pupil
Nurses. By Charlotte A. Aikens, formerly Director of Sibley Memorial
Hospital, Washington, D. C. 12mo of 437 pages, illus. Cloth, $1.75 net.

This work brings together in concise form well-rounded courses of lessons
in all subjects which, with practical nursing technic, constitute the primary
studies in a nursing course.

Trained Nurse and Hospital Review

It is safe to say that any pupil who has mastered even the major portion of this work
would be one of the best prepared first-year pupils that ever stood for examination.

Aikens’ Clinical Studies for Nurses            New (2d) Edition

Clinical Studies for Nurses. By Charlotte A. Aikens, formerly
Director of Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington, D. C. 12mo of
569 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $2.00 net.

This new work is written along the same lines as Miss Aikens’ former
work on “Primary Studies,” to which it is a companion volume. It takes
up all subjects taught during the second and third years and takes them
up in a concise, forceful way.

Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette

There is a large amount of practical information in this book which the experienced
nurse, as well as the undergraduate, will consult with profit. The illustrations are
numerous and well selected.”

Aikens' Training-School Methods

Hospital Training-School Methods and the Head Nurse. By
Charlotte A. Aikens, formerly Director of Sibley Memorial Hospital,
Washington, D. C. 12mo of 267 pages. Cloth, $1.50 net.

Trained Nurse and Hospital Review

There is not a chapter in the book that does not contain valuable suggestions.”

Aikens’ Hospital Management                    Extremely Practical

Hospital Management. By Charlotte A. Aikens, formerly Direc­
tor of Sibley. Memorial Hospital, Washington, D. C. 12mo of 488
ages, illustrated.
                                                              Cloth, $3.00 net.

The Medical Record

Tells in concise form exactly what a hospital should do and how it should be run,
m the scrubwoman up to its financing. A valuable addition to our literature on this



Bolduan and Grund’s Bacteriology for Nurses

Applied Bacteriology for Nurses. By Charles F. Bolduan,
M. D., Assistant to the General Medical Officer; and Marie Grund,
M. D., Bacteriologist, Research Laboratory, Department of Health,
New York City. 12mo of 155 pages, illustrated.
           Cloth, $1.25 net.

We were fortunate in getting these practical physicians to write this work. It gives par­
ticular emphasis to the immediate application of bacteriology to nursing, only the really
practical being included. A study of all the modes of infection transmission is presented.
At the end of each chapter are suggestions for practical demonstration.

Register's Fever Nursing

A Text-Book on Practical Fever Nursing. By Edward C.
Register, M. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine in the North
Carolina Medical College. 12mo of 352 pages. Cloth, $2.50 net.

Hecker, Trumpp, and Abt on Children

Atlas and Epitome of Diseases of Children. By Dr. R. Hecker
and Dr. J. Trumpp, of Munich. Edited, with additions, by Isaac A.
Abt, M.D., Assistant Professor of Diseases of Children, Rush Medical
College, Chicago. With 48 colored plates, 144 text-cuts, and 453 pages
of text. Cloth, $5.00 net.

The many excellent lithographic plates represent cases seen in the authors’ clinics, and
have been selected with great care, keeping constantly in mind the practical needs of the
general practitioner. These beautiful pictures are so true to nature that their study is
equivalent to actual clinical observation. The editor, Dr. Isaac A. Abt, has added all new
methods of treatment.

Lewis Anatomy and Physiology The New (3d) Edition

Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses. By LeRoy Lewis, M. D.,
Formerly Surgeon to and Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology for
Nurses at the Lewis Hospital, Bay City, Michigan. 12mo of 344 pages,
with 161 illustrations. Cloth, $1.75 net

A demand for such a work as this, treating the subjects from the nurses point of view,
has long existed. Dr. Lewis has based the plan and scope of this work on the methods
employed by him in teaching these branches, making the text unusually simple and clear.

The Nurses Journal of the Pacific Coast

“ It is not in any sense rudimentary, but comprehensive in its treatment of the subjects
in hand. The application of the knowledge of anatomy in the care of the patient is

Friedenwald and Ruhräh’s Dietetics         New (3d) edition

Dietetics for Nurses. By Julius Friedenwald, M. D., Professor
of Diseases of the Stomach, and John Ruhräh, M. D., Professor of
Diseases of Children, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore.
12mo volume of 431 pages. Cloth, $1.50 net.

This work has been prepared to meet the needs of the nurse, both in the training
school and after graduation. It aims to give the essentials of dietetics, considering briefly
the physiology of digestion and the various classes of foods and the part they play in

American Journal of Nursing

“ It is exactly the book for which nurses and others have long and vainly sought. A
simple manual of dietetics, which does not turn into a cook-book at the end of the first
or second chapter.



Paul’s Fever Nursing                                     New (2d) Edition

Nursing in the Acute Infectious Fevers. By George P. Paul,
M. D., formerly Assistant Visiting Physician to the Samaritan Hospital,
Troy, N. Y. 12mo of 246 pages. Cloth, $1.00 net.

Dr. Paul has taken great pains in the presentation of the care and management of each
fever. The book treats of fevers in general, then each fever is discussed individually, and
the latter part of the book deals with practical procedures and valuable information.

The London Lancet

“ The book is an excellent one and will be of value to those for whom it is intended.
It is well arranged, the text is clear and full, and the illustrations are good.”

Paul’s Materia Medica for Nurses              New (2d) Edition

Materia Medica for Nurses. By George P. Paul, M. D., formerly
Assistant Visiting Physician to the Samaritan Hospital, Troy. 12mo of
282 pages. Cloth, $1.50 net.

Dr. Paul arranges the physiologic actions of the drugs according to the action of the
drug and not the organ acted upon. An important section is that on pretoxic signs,
giving the warnings of the full action or the beginning toxic effects of the drug, which,
if heeded, may prevent many cases of drug poisoning.

The Medical Record, New York

“This volume will be of real help to nurses; the material is well selected and well
arranged, and the book is as readable as it is useful.”

Pyle’s Personal Hygiene                         The New (5th) Edition

A Manual of Personal Hygiene : Proper Living upon a Physiologic
Basis. By Eminent Specialists. Edited by Walter L. Pyle, A.M.,
M.D., Assistant Surgeon to Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia. Octavo
volume of 515 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth, $1.50 net.

The book has been thoroughly revised for this new edition, and a new chapter on
Food Adulteration by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley added. There are important chapters
on Domestic Hygiene and Home Gymnastics, Hydrotherapy, Mechanotherapy, and
First Aid Measures.
Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

“ The work has been excellently done, there is no undue repetition, and the writers
have succeeded unusually well in presenting facts of practical significance based on sound

Galbraith’s Four Epochs of Woman’s Life second Edition

The Four Epochs of Woman’s Life. By Anna M. Galbraith,
M.D. With an Introductory Note by John H. Musser, M.D., Univer­
sity of Pennsylvania. 12mo of 247 pages. Cloth, $1.50 net.
Birmingham Medical Review

“ We do not as a rule care for medical books written for the instruction of the public;
but we must admit that the advice in Dr. Galbraith’s work is in the main wise and whole­

Spratling on Epilepsy

Epilepsy and Its Treatment. By William P. Spratling, M. D., Pro­
fessor of Physiology and Nervous Diseases, College of Physicians and Sur­
geons, Baltimore. Octavo of 522 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth, $4.00 net.

The Lancet, London

“ Dr. Spratling’s work is written throughout in a clear and readable style. . . . The
work is a mine of information on the whole subject of epilepsy and its treatment.”


Macfarlane’s Gynecology for Nurses           New (2d) Edition

A Reference Hand-Book of Gynecolqgy for Nurses. By Cath­
arine Macfarlane, M. D., Gynecologist to the Woman’s Hospital of
Philadelphia. 16mo of 150 pages, with 70 illustrations. Flexible
leather, $1.25- net.

A. M. Seabrook, M. D., Woman's Medical College of Philadelphia,

“ It is a most admirable little book, covering in a concise but attractive way the subject from
the nurse’s standpoint.”

Galbraith’s Personal Hygiene for Women

Personal Hygiene and Physical Training for Women. By
Anna M. Galbraith, M.D., Fellow New York Academy of Medicine,
12mo of 371 pages, with original illustrations.
                Cloth, $2.00 net.

Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette

“ It contains just the sort of information which is very greatly needed by the weaker sex. Its illus­
trations are excellent.”

De Lee’s Obstetrics for Nurses                    New (4th) Edition

Obstetrics for Nurses. By Joseph B. De Lee, M. D., Professor of
Obstetrics in the Northwestern University Medical School. 12mo vol­
ume of 508 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth, $2.50 net.

J. Clifton Edgar, M. D.,

Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Midwifery, Cornell Medical School, N. Y.

“ It is far-and-away the best that has come to my notice, and I shall take great pleasure in recom­
mending it to my nurses and students as well.”

Davis' Obstetric Nursing                             New (4th) Edition

Obstetric and Gynecologic Nursing. By Edward P. Davis, A. M.,
M. D., Professor of Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College and Philadel­
phia Polyclinic. 12mo of 480 pages, illustrated. Buckram, $1.75 net.

The Lancet, London

“ Not only nurses, but even newly qualified medical men, would learn a great deal by a perusal of
this book. It is written in a clear and pleasant style, and is a work we can recommend. ’

Beck’s Hand-Book for Nurses                       New (2d) Edition

A Reference Hand-Book for Nurses. By Amanda K. Beck, of
Chicago, 111. 32mo of 200 pages. Flexible leather, $1.25 net.

Aikens' Home Nurse’s Hand-Book

Home Nurse’s Hand-Book. By Charlotte A. Aikens. 12mo of 276
pages, illustrated.
                                                                   Cloth, $1.50 net.

The point about this work is this : It tells you and shows you just how to do those
little but important things often omitted from other nursing books. Home Treat­
ments" and “Points to be Remembered’terse, crisp remindersstand out as par­
larly practical. Just the book for those who have the home-care of the sick.

CHILDREN AND HYGIENE.                                 13

Griffith's Care of the Baby

The Care of the Baby. By J. P. Crozer Griffith, M. D., Clinical
Professor of Diseases of Children, University of Penn.; Physician to the
Children’s Hospital, Phila. 12mo, 455 pp. Illustrated. Cloth, $1.50 net.


The author has endeavored to furnish a reliable guide for mothers. He has
made his statements plain and easily understood, so that the volume will be of
service to mothers and nurses.

New York Medical Journal

“ We are confident if this ltttle work could find its way into the hands of every trained
rse and of every mother, infant mortality would be lessened by at least fifty per cent.”

Grulees Infant Feeding

Infant Feeding. By Clifford G. Grulee, M. D., Assistant Pro­
fessor of Pediatrics at Rush Medical College. Octavo of 316 pages, illus­
trated, including 8 in colors. Cloth, $3.00 net.


Dr. Grulee tells you how to feed the infant. He tells youand shows by clear
illustrationsthe technic of giving the child the breast. Then artificial feeding is
thoughtfully presented, including a number of simple formulas. The colored illus­
trations showing the actual shapes and appearances of stools are extremely

Ruhräh’s Diseases of Children

A Manual of Diseases of Children. By John Ruhräh, M. D.,
Professor of Diseases of Children, College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Baltimore, 12mo of 552 pages, fully illustrated. Flexible leather,
$2.50 net.


In revising this work for the fourth edition Dr. Ruhräh has carefully in­
corporated all the latest knowledge on the subject. All the important facts are
given concisely and explicitly, the therapeutics of infancy and childhood being
outlined very carefully and clearly. There are also directions for dosage and
prescribing, and many useful prescriptions are included.

American Journal of the Medical Sciences

Treatment has been satisfactorily covered, being quite in accord with the best teaching,
yet withal broadly general and free from stock prescriptions.”


Keefer’s Military Hygiene

Military Hygiene and Sanitation. By Lieut.-Col. Frank R.

Keefer, Professor of Military Hygiene, United States Military Academy,

West Point. 12mo of 305 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $1.50 net.


This is a concise, though complete text­book on this subject, containing
chapters on the care of troops, recruits and recruiting, personal hygiene, physical
training, preventable diseases, clothing, equipment, water-supply, foods and their
preparation, hygiene and sanitation of posts and barracks, the troopship, hygiene
and sanitation of marches, camps, and battlefields, disposal of wastes, tropical and
arctic service, venereal diseases, alcohol and other narcotics, and a glossary.

Bergey’s Hygiene

The Principles of Hygiene: A Practical Manual for Students,

Physicians, and Health Officers. By D. H. Bergey, A. M., M. D.,

Assistant Professor of Bacteriology in the University of Pennsylvania.

Octavo volume of 555 pages, illustrated.                       Cloth, $3.00 net.


This book is intended to meet the needs of students of medicine in the
acquirement of a knowledge of those principles upon which modern hygienic
practises are based, and to aid physicians and health officers in familiarizing
themselves with the advances made in hygiene and sanitation in recent years.
This fifth edition has been very carefully revised, and much new matter
added, so as to include the most recent advancements.

Buffalo Medical Journal

'’ It will be found of value to the practitioner of medicine and the practical sanitarian ; and
students of architecture, who need to consider problems of heating, lighting, ventilation, water
supply, and sewage disposal, may consult it with profit.”

Fiske’s Human Body

Structure and Functions of the Body. By Annette Fiske, A.M.
Graduate of the Waltham Training School for Nurses. I2mo of 221
pages, illustrated. Cloth. $1.25 net.



Bohm and Painter’s Massage

Massage. By Max Böhm, M. D., of Berlin, Germany. Edited, with an
Introduction, by Charles F. Painter, M, D., Professor of Orthopedic Sur-
gery at Tufts College Medical School, Boston. Octavo of 91 pages, with 70
practical illustrations.
                                                            Cloth, $1.75 net.

Draper’s Legal Medicine

A Text-Book of Legal Medicine. By Frank Winthrop Draper, A. M.,
M. D., Late Professor of Legal Medicine in Harvard University, Boston.
Octavo of 573 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $4.00 net; Half Morocco, $5.50 net

Chapman’s Medical Jurisprudence                    Third Edition

Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity, and Toxicology. By Henry C.
Chapman, M. D., late Professor of Institutes of Medicine and Medical Juris­
prudence in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. 12mo of 329 pages,
illustrated. Cloth, $1.75 net.

Golebiewski and Bailey’s Accident Diseases

Atlas and Epitome of Diseases Caused by Accidents. By Dr. Ed.

Golebiewski, of Berlin. Edited, with additions, by Pearce Bailey, M. D.,
Consulting Neurologist to St. Luke’s Hospital, New York. With 71 colored
illustrations on 40 plates, 143 text illustrations, and 549 pages of text. Cloth,
$4.00 net. In Saunders` Hand-Atlas Series.

Hofmann and Peterson’s Legal Medicine Hand-Atlases

Atlas of Legal Medicine. By Dr. E. von Hofmann, of Vienna.
Edited by Frederick Peterson, M. D., Professor of Psychiatry in the
College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. With 120 colored figures
on 56 plates and 193 half­tone illustrations. Cloth, $3.50 net.

Jakob and Fisher’s Nervous System Saunders' Atlases

Atlas and Epitome of the Nervous System and its Diseases. By

Professor Dr. Chr. Jakob, of Erlangen. Edited, with additions, by Ed­
ward D. Fisher, M. D., University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
With 83 plates and copious text. Cloth, $3.50 net.

Crothers’ Morphinism and Narcomania

Morphinism and Narcomania. By T. D. Crothers, M. D. 12mo of
351 pages. Cloth, $2.00 net.

Peterson and Haines’ Legal Medicine and Toxicology

A thoroughly revised edition of this work is now in press. Every advance in
these related subjects will be included, bringing the work right down to date.

16                            SAUNDERS' BOOKS ON CHILDREN.

American Pocket Dictionary                      New (8th) Edition

American Pocket Medical Dictionary. Edited by W. A. New­
an Dorland, M. D., Editor “American Illustrated Medical Dic­
tionary." Containing the pronunciation and definition of the principal
words used in medicine and kindred sciences, with 64 extensive tables.
With 677 pages. Flexible leather, with gold edges, $1.00 net; with
tent thumb index, $1.25 net.

“ I can recommend it to our students without reserve.”—J. H. HOLLAND, M. D., Dean
of the Jefferson Medical College,

Morrow’s Immediate Care of Injured          New (2d) edition

Immediate Care of the Injured. By Albert S. Morrow, M. D.,
Adjunct Professor of Surgery at the New York Polyclinic. Octavo of 360
pages, with 242 illustrations. Cloth, $2.50 net.

Dr. Morrow’s book on emergency procedures is written in a definite and decisive style,
the reader being told just what to do in every emergency. It is a practical book for every
day use, and the large number of excellent illustrations can not but make the treatment to
be pursued in any case clear and intelligible. Physicians and nurses will find it indispensable.

Powell’s Diseases Of Children                   Third Edition. Revised

Essentials of the Diseases of Children. By William M. Powell,
M. D. Revised by Alfred Hand, Jr., A. B., M. D., Dispensary
Physician and Pathologist to the Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia.
12mo volume of 259 pages. Cloth, $1.00 net. In Saunders`
Question­Compend Series.

Shaw on Nervous Diseases and Insanity Fifth Edition

Essentials of Nervous Diseases and Insanity: Their Symptoms
and Treatment. A Manual for Students and Practitioners. By the late
John C. Shaw, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Mind and
Nervous System, Long Island College Hospital, New York. 12mo of
204 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $1.00 net. In Saunders` Question­ Com­
pend Series.

" Clearly and intelligently written; we have noted few inaccuracies and several sug­
gestive points. Some affections unmentioned in many of the large text­books are noted.”
Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

Starr’s Diets for Infants and Children

Diets for Infants and Children in Health and in Disease. By
ouis Starr, M. D., Consulting Pediatrist to the Maternity Hospital,
Philadelphia. 230 blanks (pocket-book size). Bound in flexible leather,
$1.25 net.

Grafstrom’s Mechano-Therapy            Second Revised Edition

A Text­book of Mechano-therapy (Massage and Medical Gymnas­
. By Axel V. Grafstrom, B. Sc., M. D., Attending Physician to
the Gustavus Adolphus Orphange, Jamestown, New York. 12mo, 200
ges, illustrated. Cloth, $1.25 net.

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